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Beating terrible odds with the advantage of the Nissan HID kit

The Nissan is an amazing vehicle that can bring you years of driving happiness, however when it comes to its ability to drive at night, there are some things that you might want to consider. For example, imagine you are driving in a wooded area. Its night time and you have been driving for some time. As the moon is obscured by the large canopy of tree limbs you are left in nearly complete darkness, the only thing you have to light your way is your stock traditional halogen bulb headlights.



For anyone who may be familiar with this experience this can be somewhat frightening because these headlights light the way just before you, but if you look to the sides you will be surprised to see that much of the side of the road is covered by the darkness.

Imagine now that while you are driving suddenly a large elk jumps from the side of the road and in a panic freezes right in front of you. Before you have a chance to react it’s too late. Can you survive? Can those with you survive? What could have prevented this terrifying scenario? The truth is there is a simple solution, and one that can give you incredible power to have better odds against what you are unable to see. This is a specially designed bulb called a Nissan HID kit.

HID (high intensity discharge) lights are bulbs that are designed to be super bright and have a range that extends far beyond traditional lights. This includes both wider and farther reaching, and is achieved by heating a gas called xenon which gives it a powerful glow that generates a beautiful color. These can span from yellow to purple, depending upon the intensity of the bulb. Most commonly the Nissan hid kit will give you a ghostly blue light that not only will give you more visible light to work with, but also make your vehicle look incredible.

In going back to the initial scenario, it is important to understand that there are some frightening statistics that are positioned against those who are not prepared to drive at night. Experts agree that most of what we understand when we are driving comes from what we see, and if we are driving with inferior lights then we are putting ourselves at terrible risk.

The statistics show that drivers who are on the road at night are at a dramatically higher risk of being killed then those who drive during the day. Because of this alone it is important that owners install these simple to mount nissan hid kits. This could be the difference between a safe nighttime drive, and becoming a statistic.

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